How To Choose The Size Of Your Bathroom Extractor Fan?

The key to obtaining the maximum benefits out of a bathroom extractor fan is getting one that is of the right size. It should not be too small neither should it be too big in terms of capacity. Bathroom extractor fans are sized in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic meters per hour (CMH).

It is extremely important for you to get the perfect size to avoid the disappointments that come with a too small or too big bathroom extractor fan.

So, how do you choose a ​bathroom extractor fan that is the right size?

Here are the necessary steps that you need to follow.

Measure Your Bathroom

This is the first thing you need to do, and it involves taking measurements of the bathroom’s length, width, and height. Record these dimensions in meters. Alternatively, you can take the measurements and record them in feet.

Calculate Your Bathroom’s Volume

To calculate the volume of your bathroom, you need to multiply the length, width, and height and depending on the measurements in which you recorded the dimensions; you will get the volume either in cubic feet or cubic meters. For instance, if you found your bathroom’s dimensions to be 3M long, 4M wide and 3M high, the volume will be (3x4x3) 36 Cubic Meters.

Consider Your Needs and Preferences

Choosing the right extractor fan for your bathroom will depend mainly on its size. A quality extractor fan should be able to change all the air in your room at least eight times in an hour although the standard number is ten times. This implies that a big room requires an extractor fan with a bigger rating than a small one.

Determining the Airflow

Airflow is the other name for the size of the extractor fan. In other words, it’s the rating allocated to a particular bathroom fan. The first thing you need to do is multiply the volume of your bathroom by ten. The value obtained is the amount of air that the extractor fan should remove in an hour and it is referred to as the airflow. For a bathroom whose volume is 140 cubic meters, the airflow will be (36x10) 360 Cubic Meters per hour written as 360M3/H.

Choosing the Fan

This is the final step after you have done all the calculations and obtained the value of the airflow. Since the bathroom extractor fans on the market are rated in cubic meters per hour, you need to make a comparison and select the one whose airflow value is either equal to or higher than the one you obtained from your calculations. However, if you are choosing one whose airflow value is higher than the value you obtained from your calculations, ensure that the difference is not too big as this would mean that you have chosen an extractor fan that is too big, which is not advisable. Choosing the right size for a bathroom extractor fan saves you a lot of time that you’d spend fitting one that is not the right size.